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Tim Corrimal Show, Episode 155 – February 13, 2011

I had the privilege of joining Tim Corrimal’s (@timcorrimal on Twitter) show again this week to discuss Egypt. I was joined again by Dave von Ebers, whose fantastic work at Dave’s Corner Tavern should be read by all, Don Millard (Tomfoolery with O’Toolefan), and Joseph J. Santorsa.

Continuing our conversation about the revolution in Egypt, the Obama administration’s response, the US media’s coverage, and the Right-Wing’s spin on the situation from last week, we picked up with Mubarak’s speech Thursday, February 10, and flight to Sharm el-Sheikh on Friday. The departure of Mubarak, after divesting himself of his day-to-day responsibilities and power to Vice President Omar Suleiman, to Sharm el-Sheikh marks a significant first step in meeting the demands of the protestors: the deposition of Mubarak, the dismantling of the Mubarak regime, and the drafting of a new Constitution that does not embolden the President at the expense of the people. Most importantly, the removal of the “Emergency Law” provision, the provision that has kept Mubarak (and for that matter numerous Middle East leaders) in power for decades. Our conversation continued with a discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood, what it is and what it isn’t, and how it has been portrayed by the media. I will be posting on the Muslim Brotherhood specifically in a day or so, stay tuned.

After we wrapped up our conversation on Egypt, we turned our conversation to the forthcoming movie adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. DonMillard (@otoolefan on Twitter) has done yeoman’s work on his blog regarding Ayn Rand and the Right’s current fascination with her as their patron saint. I encourage you all to please listen to the whole podcast and to give Don’s superb post a good read.

Thanks again to Tim for having me on. It’s always a pleasure.

Check out Dave von Eber’s follow up comments here. A great post, as always from Dave. I can’t say enough about Dave’s cogent posts and sharp insight.

Check out Andy Wienick’s follow up comments here. Andy joined Tim’s show last week and was kind enough to not only listen in to the show this week but to post some great comments. I look forward, as should you all, to Andy’s new blog.

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Tim Corrimal Show, Episode 154 – February 6, 2011

Last week I was on Tim Corrimal’s show to discuss the situation in Egypt with Dave von Ebers, Andy Wienick and Seth Pajak. Check out Tim’s website for the podcast. I recorded a follow-up podcast earlier today to continue the Egypt discussion and the forthcoming film of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I will post a longer discussion of the the whole Egypt situation later tonight (my thoughts expressed on Tim’s show as well as other thoughts that we didn’t have time to cover), but I wanted to get this out quickly so that everyone can get to Tim’s site and listen to not only last week’s episode and tonight’s follow-up but also Tim’s past shows.

So, be sure to check out: www.timcorrimal.com. Well worth listening to on a regular basis.

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