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Islam 101

I have batted around the idea of doing a series of succinct posts about the basics of Islam for a long time. Now, in the wake of protests and evolutions in North Africa and the Middle East and a slew of misinformation and fear-mongering in the US media, such a series seems sorely needed.

A few caveats before I outline the first few post ideas. I am not a Muslim. I am not a religious studies scholar. I have not read all the hadiths. I have, however, read the Qur’an in its entirety. I don’t presume to be perfect, and I have from the beginning intended this blog to be both a place for me to express myself and my ideas and for people to engage in discussion. Post comments, questions, or suggestions. If there’s a topic I haven’t discussed that you’re curious about, let me know. If I can speak to any degree about it I will. If I can’t, I will try my best to acquire some information to foster discussion.

So, here are the first five projected posts:

Islam 101: What is Islam?

Islam 101: What do Muslims believe?

Islam 101: Who is Muhammad?

Islam 101: The Qur’an

Islam 101: Mosques 101

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