Chartres, a southern suburb of Paris, is often overlooked by visitors, but it shouldn’t be. The cathedral is one of the most extraordinary structures ever built. No words can prepare you for its magisterial qualities. Spend the few euros and climb the north tower. It’s a workout, and a steep, tight climb, but the views will take your breath away.

Chartres Cathedral Northern Transept Façade

Chartres Cathedral Façade

Chartres Cathedral Entry Portal

Chartres Cathedral Buttresses

Chartres Cathedral radiating apse chapels' buttresses

Chartres Cathedral nave ribbed groin vaulting

Chartres Cathedral nave wall (gallery, clerestory, and groin vaulting springs)

Chartres Cathedral nave and northern transept (and surrounding city) as seen from the Northern Tower

Chartres Cathedral nave as seen from the choir


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  1. yeah I agree & I couldn’t have said it better. keep it up

  2. Holy crap! I couldn’t have said that any better 🙂

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