Tim Corrimal Show, Episode 158 – March 6, 2010

Another week, another great podcast from Tim Corrimal (“The Tim Corrimal Show” and @timcorrimal on Twitter).

This week Tim is joined by his co-host Dave von Ebers (@dave_von_ebers on Twitter), Jay Tomlinson (@BestofTheLeft on Twitter) and Jimmy Dore (“The Jimmy Dore Show” and podcast).

Check out Tim’s website for this week’s Twitter friends of the week.

Please listen in this week, at the beginning of the podcast Tim talks about how a government “shutdown” does and doesn’t work. I will confess to my ignorance, but no more! Tim clarifies it splendidly! I really recommend it for everyone.

Excellent point made by Jay Tomlinson that I would like to talk about briefly, but really EVERYONE needs to listen to the podcast this week. If you haven’t tuned in to Tim’s show before, please, please, please tune in this week!

Jay mentioned, about 32 minutes into the podcast, that the GOP’s rhetoric is structured to frame the Democrats as women, children, or homosexuals. He is absolutely right! He hit the nail on the head with his comment. The level of acceptable misogyny and homophobia from the Right in this country is maddening! No wonder it is so easy for the Right to indiscriminately harm women and children in budget cuts, to continue to campaign against equal rights and protections for homosexuals. Women have always been an easy target for those seeking to make an example out of “entitlements.” The Right has always, always, always blamed the Left for entitlements. And when they come through, as they do cyclically, with a machete to slash and burn spending it’s entitlements that get hit the most and it’s entitlements that disproportionally assist women, children, and minorities. To frame the entirety of the Left as women and children, etc, is to perpetuate the notion that women and children don’t need or don’t deserve help when needed or representation in government. This is the perpetual wedge of the Right to separate the women’s movement from the liberal movement and to end government assistance. This past fall was the first time since 1979 that the US lost women in government. The US is ranked 90th in the world for women in legislative positions. Only 17% of elected representatives in Washington are women. Rwanda, for example, has 76%. The US ranks behind Iraq, China, Cuba, among others.

The rhetoric of the Right isn’t just designed to belittle and marginalize the Left, but to weaken their efforts and ideas by associating them with being feminine, childish or gay. No wonder, as I mention in another post here, that women on the Right don’t identify with “feminism” and actively work against that term and everything it connotes.

I’ve been reading Christine Stansell’s The Feminist Promise, and she ends the last chapter with the following which seems quite appropriate for this discussion:

“No longer simply a family romance, the commitment to women in this century when so much is at stake demands undeniably  on the fact that women must take their place with a new generation of brothers in a struggle for the world’s fortunes. Herland, whether of virtuous matrons or daring sisters, is not an option. Many of the stumbling blocks to women’s full participation ate the same, but the stakes of success are that much higher. In the twenty-first century, the well-being and liberty of women cannot be separated from democracy’s survival.” (394)

The success and rights of women are inextricably tied up with the rights and success of humanity at large. The GOP has never understood that and never will. It is in their interest to continue to subjugate women and minorities.



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3 responses to “Tim Corrimal Show, Episode 158 – March 6, 2010

  1. Tim Corrimal

    I love your analysis of our discussion on how the right belittles Democrats. The GOP keeps saying we need to have an adult conversation, but then holds their breath and throws temper tantrums like a 6 year old.

    • EXACTLY!! There is NOTHING adult about the GOP. Nothing. The only trick they’ve got up their sleeve is to be playground bullies. Jay said it on the show yesterday: they do everything possible to get their followers emotionally invested in an issue and turn against the Dems. It’s a shell game. They lather up their followers into a frenzy over one thing while they screw them over on everything else. It’s disgusting.

  2. Co-sign, Sarah! Well said. Like you , I really thought Jay made a great point there. I didn’t have the chance to mention it on the show, but that’s a favorite tactic of the former half-term governor of Alaska. Remember her bizarre “cojones” thing? Eww!
    Anyway, thanks, as always, for your support!

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