Kick-Ass “Lazy Sunday” Playlist

From time to time I scamper through my itunes stock pile and form new playlists. I get to resurrect my love for songs that have fallen out of my auto-sorted “Most Played” list, or off the “Recently Added” list.

Here is my latest creation: “Lazy Sunday”

Don’t let the title fool you, this one starts off with a kick:

“Rebellion (Lies)” Arcade Fire
“Heavy Cross” Gossip
“Set Fire to the Rain” Adele

This Gossip tune was a free download on itunes some time back. Lacking the heavy London club scene synth tone, this song highlights Beth Ditto beautifully. Well worth the listen. “Set Fire to the Rain” is a good, piano-heavy, synth driven kiss-off tune off Adele’s new album 21. The whole album is really worth a download.

“Lost + (with Jay-Z) / Viva la Vida (Live at the 51st Grammys)” Coldplay
“Atlantic City” Bruce Springsteen
“Original Sin” Elton John

If you haven’t heard “Atlantic City” before, what are you waiting for? Springsteen at his solo best in MANY ways. Same goes for the John track. Off Songs from the West Coast album, an astounding album showcasing John’s maturity as an artist, “Original Sin” is one of the standouts.

“Chasing Pavements” Adele
“I Never Told You” Colbie Caillat
“Landslide” Fleetwood Mac
“Holiday From Real (Live from SIR)” Jack’s Mannequin
“After Tonight” Justin Nozuka
“Kill” Jimmy Eat World
“Free Fallin’ (Live)” John Mayer

Even though he’s a complete douchebag of a human being, John Mayer’s acoustic, live version of the the Tom Petty classic is damn good. Seriously.

“Gylcerine” Bush
“Closer” Kings of Leon
“White Blank Page” Mumford & Sons
“9 Crimes” Damien Rice
“Sober” Kelly Clarkson
“The Cave” Damien Rice
“Stupid Boy” Keith Urban
“Top of the World” Dixie Chicks
“Pyro” Kings of Leon

Since it came out amid a much publicized “feud” between the artist, Kelly Clarkson, and producer extraordinaire Clive Davis, Clarkson’s My December got lost in the fray. “Sober” is a feel-it-in-your-bones song. More attention needs to be paid to this album, for real. I’m not a huge country fan, but both Urban and the Chicks out do themselves with these two songs. Patti Griffin wrote the song for the Chicks, and later recorded it herself on her 1000 Kisses album (also, really worth a listen).

“You’ve Got the Love” Florence + The Machine
“Because the Night (Live)” Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Few people realize that “Because the Night,” Patty Smith’s one and only hit, was actually written by Springsteen during his Darkness on the Edge of Town recording (and infamous lawsuit) period. Smith added some lyrics, but the bones of the song are all Springsteen.

Runaway” Kanye West and Pusha T
“Cosmic Love” Florence + The Machine
“Stardust Kids (Davis Bowie vs. MGMT)” A Plus D (Best of Bootie2009 v.2)
“(Find Myself) A Heap of Love (Florence + The Machine vs. Depeche Mode vs. Imogen Heap)” LeeDM 101 (Best of Bootie 2010)
“Come on Get Higher” Matt Nathanson
“Half Acre” Hem
“Marry Me” Train
“Rain” Patti Griffin
“Be Be Your Love” Rachael Yamagata
“Set Free” Katie Gray
“Fallen” Sarah McLachlan
“Come on Get Higher (Live)” Sugarland

Again, not a huge country music fan, but if you haven’t checked out Sugarland, seriously get on it. Jennifer Nettles is AMAZING. And I almost prefer their version of Matt Nathanson’s only real hit over his. That’s saying something.

“This Woman’s Work” Kate Bush
“Paradise” Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
“What If You” Joshua Radin
“Jar of Hearts” Christina Perri
“Smoke Without Fire” Duffy
“Baby I’m a Fool” Melody Gardot
“Quelqu’un m’a Dit” Carla Bruni
“A Case of You (Live)” Diana Krall
“Love Me Like A River Does” Melody Gardot
“Turning Tables” Adele
“2 Steps Away” Patti LaBelle

A little dose of jazz in this phase of the playlist. “Smoke Without Fire” is Duffy at her best. Often overshadowed by Winehouse and Adele, Duffy holds her own here. If you’re not familiar with American chanteuse Melody Gardot you’re really missing out. Extraordinary talent. Really. I’ve heard endless versions of this Joni Mitchell tune, but Diana Krall gets it, down to her marrow. Best version. By miles.

“Little Lion Man” Mumford & Sons
“Sarah” Ray LaMontagne
“Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want [Remastered]” The Smiths
“Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Demo)” Greg Laswell
“He Touched Me” Barbra Streisand
“No Envy No Fear” Joshua Radin
“Song For You” Michael Bublé
“Where I Stood” Missy Higgins
“Stealing Kisses” Lori McKenna
“Glitter in the Air” P!nk
“Fields of Gold” Eva Cassidy

Lori McKenna was a Massachusetts stay-at-home mom until someone heard her at an open-mic night and got a song of hers in Faith Hill’s hands. Hill recorded the song and McKenna ended up with a recording contract of her own. “Stealing Kisses” is the kind of song that’s equal parts warning and emotional lament.

“Us” Regina Spektor
“Elsewhere” Sarah McLachlan
“Love Only Knows” Josh Groban
“Heartbeats” Jose Gonzalez
“Just Breathe” Pearl Jam
“Breathe Me” Sia
“Someone Like You” Adele
“Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again” Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland




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