itunes Update

Recent acquisitions I can’t stop playing…

I knew Vh1 was still on TV for a reason, so that on a random weekday morning I could accidently land on “Jump Start” and discover Mumford and Sons. GENIUS!!! Drag your mouse on over to itunes and get yourself some Mumford and Sons.

My new downloads: “The Cave,” “White Blank Page” and “Little Lion Man.”

Adele. Need I say more? Breath = Baited. This Tuesday her new album drops. I’m practically peeing my pants with excitement.

New single: “Rolling in the Deep”

Kings of Leon. Being from the South originally, I have been fans of these guys since they were the indie garage rock darlings of the alt-rock hipster music fair crowd. Then they hit pay dirt and have BLOWN up to U2 status. If you’re a “fan” based off “Only by the Night” then you might fine “Come Around Sundown” a bit of a change of pace for you (and also, let’s be honest, if that’s your only Kings of Leon album you’re not really a fan). To be fair, their sound has mellowed since “Aha Shake Heartbeat” (“Taper Jean Girl” being the biggest off that album). “Come Around Sundown” will remind fans of “Knocked Up” and the whole “Because of the Times” album in general. Here’s my two favorite tracks so far (and wisely, the band has made them the first two singles):

“Radioactive” and “Pyro”

There’s been a rash of Civil War themed country/bluegrass bands of late (Lady Antebellum, anyone?). I’m not going to launch into a diatribe about white country singers and their affinity for the “nostalgia” of the antebellum or Civil War South, just going to note that the music is good. I do really suggest the Lady Antebellum album: good lyrics, great vocals, and amazing musicianship. For that matter, check out the sibling group The Band Perry. Their first single, “If I Die Young,” is really solid. But check out this new group:

“Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars


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