I blog about what I see, taste, sense, hear, make, live in, explore, digest, read, move through, wander around, photograph, laugh at, and what incenses and entices me.

Worldly woman with two advanced degrees and a passion for life, history, art, architecture, food, politics, and culture.

4 responses to “about

  1. I’ll be missing the interactions we have on Twitter, but I understand. Be well, and keep up the good work.


    • Della Lee

      What happened with Twitter? I hope it was some Twitter error (fixable) that caused you to go because I will really miss your voice! And if Twitter did it, tell me so your many friends and I can work on getting it undone.

  2. Wendi Gueorguiev

    Hello, I love love love your blog and sensibility. I am a grad student (MFA – Sculpture) and would like to properly cite your work completely, more than just the website, with your permission. (I.e. a full name for author) Please let me know soon if this would be possible. I have been enjoying your writing on Performance Art at the moment and am writing a paper for Saturday for my Seminar on Contemporary Art.

    • S C

      Thanks for your interest in the blog. I really appreciate your readership. I’ll email you and we can discuss the blog and your paper more seriously.

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